When I was little, we lived right next to a creek where evergreens towered over us. I thought of that creek, and still do, as a haven away from whatever was happening at that time. My childhood was far from perfect, but I always find the silver lining regardless of what it is- you just gotta you know. That forest, that creek were my silver linings. My little sister and I spent countless hours playing in the water or adventuring into the forest where we played on pully swings & tarzan ropes built by the generation of kids before us. We would make wildflower baths in the back-eddy's and warm our cool bodies on the sun soaked rock slabs. We would explore trails that lead to forests of wildflowers & berries and make-shift forts. During the hottest days of summer, we would stroll through the thickest & coolest part of the forest where we would find the chirping of birds, grasshoppers and butterflies along with the sturdy evergreens. They would tower over us like protective pillars and fill the air with this beautiful freshness & wonder where light streamed through their branches casting the perfect light on the forest floor. This is where the name I DREAM IN EVERGREEN came from... the peaceful and happy feeling of being among the evergreens.Welcome to my neck of the woods! My name is Kimberly but you can call me Lee and this is my story.


 I DREAM IN EVERGREEN is an organic, plant based skin care line focused on nourishing the body naturally while feeding the soul by living slowly, cultivating community, taking in what nature has to offer and enjoying life's simple pleasures, like bathing. We believe in the power of plants, especially if they are harvested organically, to not only enhance our mood and overall well-being but to also provide our bodies which rich nourishment. Our formulas are wholesome and beneficial; every ingredient is purposeful. And we never test on animals and we are proudly certified by PETA & the Leaping Bunny program for being Vegan & Cruelty Free! Our entire artisan line is handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients in the Pacific Northwest by founder Kimberly Exshaw who has been formulating bath + body products for nearly a decade. I LOVE meeting new souls, so join me on my journey on Instagram! @meetmeintheevergreens A portion of I DREAM IN EVERGREEN'S proceeds goes towards benefiting different wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & release organizations across Canada. So while you're doing something good for yourself, you're also doing something good for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

 xo Lee

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